Ancient Civilizations - Mesopotamia and Egypt

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Learn about Hieroglyphs with "The Guardian"

Interative whiteboard activity looking at the ancient Egyptians

What do you know about Ancient Egypt? Have you watched any movie about the mysteries of Egypt such as The Mummy? Watch the trailer:

In this unit you are going to learn a lot about Ancient Egypt. Here you can read some basic data about Egypt and Egyptians.

The rulers of Ancient Egypt were called pharaohs. Pharaoh were considered descendants from the Sun god. They owned the land and the people. They had absolute power.

One of the most famous pharaohs was Tutankhamen, the boy king. When his tomb was discovered in 1922 a curse was found on the entrance to the tomb. Six weeks later Lord Carnarvon, the man who paid for the excavation, died. Egyptians built pyramids and tombs for their pharaohs.

Watch these videos about the building of pyramids:

The Ancient Egyptians believed in many different gods and goddesses with each one having a particular role. So, for example, Ra was the sun god and was the most important god. He was drawn as a man with the head of a hawk and a sun disc as a headdress. The Egyptians thought that he was swallowed every night by the sky goddess Nut and then born again every morning. Anubis was the god of the dead. He was drawn as a man with the head of jackal. Priests often wore jackal masks when a person died.

You can have fun and learn more about Egyptian gods in this worksheet:

The writing of ancient Egyptians is known as hieroglyphic writing. Do you want to know how you would spell your name using that writing. Have a look at this page.

Do you want to become an archaeologist and explore an Egyptian tomb? Here you have two thrilling adventures:

1. You have to help Anna Livingston, who work for the National Museum od Scotland, and explore an ancient Egyptian tomb.

2. You work for the National Geographic Society and have to explore the Tomb of the Unknown Mummy.

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