2nd Secondary Education
Natural Science
Designed by
Angela Ruiz Montero
1. Warming-up activities.
  • What is energy? What is it used for? Click on this worksheet to work with some vocabulary that will help you understand this unit:
  • Click on the following link to read this worksheet about Energy
2. Energy
  • Watch the following funny video about energy. Will you be able to watch it without laughing it...? Let's see!

  • Click on the following interesting link to learn about energy.
  • Which forms of energy do you know? Click on this link to learn some more things.
  • Energy can be renewable or non-renewable. Click on the links and find out about it.
  • Non-renowable energy sources are limited so it is important taht we conserve energy. Click on the following link to learn how to do it.
  • Read the following presentation to study about energy.
3. Sources of energy
Watch the following video to study sources of energy and different forms of energy.

4. Learn online. Time to play!

5. References