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2nd Secondary Education
Natural Science
Designed by
Angela Ruiz Montero
1. What is Nutrition?
Nutrition is a combination of processes. Through it living things take in food and convert it into energy.
2. What is the digestive process?
  • Do you want to learn about the digestive process for rabbits? Watch this video.

  • Do you know how to pronounce all the words related to the digestive system? You don't know...? Let's find a solution to the problem. Click on the link and learn!!!
3. How do animals breathe?
Have you ever thought how can fish breathe under water? In this short video you will find the answer.

4. What is a circulatory system?
The following video explains in a easy way how the heart works.

5. Photosynthesis
Click on the following link to learn about photosynthesis.
6. Learn online!
  • Do you want to revise the human digestive system? Click on the link, learn and have fun!
  • Revise the different parts of the digestive system with this easy game.
  • Learn and revise about breathing and circulation. This link is fantastic to do it.
7. Worksheet: practice what you have learnt and work with the new vocabulary. 2.nutrition.pdf
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